Get a free website! Easy-Web CMS BETA

I can finally release some more information on my primary project here in Peru. And a little gift for all my readers: Get a free website with the Easy-Web CMS BETA. If you participate in the BETA of Easy-Web CMS, I will give you 3 months of free trial, and all BETA-testers will recieve a [...]

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Date: 02/05-2016 @ 17:18 - Christian Jessen - A Dane starting business in Lima, Peru

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Expat forums and sources for moving to Peru

When moving to another country, information and contacts are everything. In my research of starting my business here in Lima, I spend alot of time searching for information about the expat life, how to start the company, what visa requirements there is and general information about living in the cou[...]

15/05-2009 @ 19:05

Pictures from Lima, Peru

I have been very busy with my work in Easy-Web lately, and havent really had the time to post on this blog. Havent really felt inspired to write that much the last couple of weeks, but I hope to start blogging some more in the upcoming time. Hopefully I can keep a steady flow and [...]

15/05-2009 @ 19:05

Blog update: New gallery and AdSense

When I was travelling, the optimal solution for showing my photos on the blog was a WordPress plugin, that imported my photo-albums from Facebook ? in that way I only had to upload the photos one time, and photo uploading when travelling can be a pain to do. But since I’m staying in Lima and [[...]

15/05-2009 @ 19:05

The Machu Picchu ruins and the Inca trail, Cusco

The most famous thing in Peru is definitely the Machu Picchu ruins near the city of Cusco. Basically it is one of the biggest and most well-preserved Inca ruins in the world, and is a must-see if you travel through Peru. The Peruvian government is currently limiting the amount of people who can go t[...]

15/05-2009 @ 19:05

Studying Spanish in Cusco, Peru

I arrived to Cusco Monday morning, and met with Jude whom I studied Spanish with, in Sucre. We decided to take another week of Spanish lessons in Cusco since we felt we needed to get some more lessons about the verbs in the past. We left Sucre with the same level of Spanish, so it [...]

15/05-2009 @ 19:05

Living in Lima, Peru - for a year!

As you might noticed, I’ve changed “a bit” on my blog. As I am not travelling around anymore, but now actually living in Lima, Peru, this blog has to change as well. Over the next year I will be starting my business from here, and hopefully I will have a very successful business in[...]

15/05-2009 @ 19:05

The Nazca Lines, Peru

Another must-see for many people when travelling in Peru, and South America in general, is the amazing Nazca Lines. Basically it is figures created in the desert around Nazca, which can only be seen from the air. It is estimated that the lines are created around 200 BC to 700 AD by the Nazca culture[...]

15/05-2009 @ 19:05

Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca, Copacabana

Lake Titicaca is among the highest navigable lakes in the world, with its altitude of 3820 meter above sea level. It?s a huge lake that?s more than 230 km long, 97 km wide and has a lot of amazing history. The Incas believe that their first emperor rose from the Titicaca rock (Rock of the [...]

15/05-2009 @ 19:05

How To Get Indented Listings in Google

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a very interesting post about the so-called “Indented Listings” from Google, and how you can get them. This is the first time I’ve heard about how to get these, so I thought I would share this information with you. I’ll try to explain what R[...]

25/10-2009 @ 20:23

The Google Sniper Experience

I’ve been very interested in Affiliate Marketing for quite a while, but for a long time I haven?t really got the “right ideas” that made me start on this. However, after reading the new EBook “Google Sniper”, I decided to start focusing on Affiliate Marketing using the [...]

27/10-2009 @ 00:29

What is Adsense Sniper

Lately I have been recieving some searches from Google on Adsense Sniper sites, so I decided to make a short post what these Adsense Snipers actually are, and why they are so interesting. I have been working on my Google Sniper project for about a month, and I reached a point where I’m going t[...]

19/11-2009 @ 07:15

Project Google Sniper – Week #2

As I announced last week, I will be making weekly posts with updates from my new Affiliate Marketing project – “The Google Sniper Experience”. Like I wrote last week, this project is very interesting and I still have quite high hopes for it. I used all of last week to try to focus [...]

02/11-2009 @ 18:41

Ordering food online in Lima ? Just-Eat in Peru?

One of the blogs I follow is Rune Risdom, a Dane who also writes about his work with Just-Eat, where you can order food online. His latest post about how they expand with their own delivery service, so small restaurants like Sushi-places are able to get delivery too, made me think about how much I [[...]

15/06-2009 @ 01:00

The Death Road, La Paz

The road going down from La Cumbre to Coroico near La Paz is rumored to be ?The Death Road?, because of the dangerous conditions, narrow road and not less than 3345 meters of vertical descent. Though the road isn?t as dangerous anymore, because they build a new highway, and closed ?The Death Road? [...]

15/05-2009 @ 19:15

New design: Andreas02 now as WordPress Theme

Now its time for a update again. I havent been blogging much lately, but hoping it will change as I will get some more time and focus some more on my business in the upcoming time. I felt like the blog needed a change, and since I always loved the Andreas02 design from Andreas Viklund, [...]

25/09-2009 @ 01:12

Free SEO Tool Review: Check Your Rankings With SEOSupporter

With SEOSupporter you can easily follow your Google rankings, set up custom reports when you fall or rise in the SERP’s and follow your progress from backlinking to PR changes. I find this the easiest way to keep track of my SEO progress with my websites; and it is very handy when you have a [...]

19/01-2010 @ 18:57

Increase productivity in your Small Business by using Lifehacks

I have been reading quite a lot about time management and how to increase productivity when your running a small home-based business. I felt like I have had problems achieving my goals lately, and have felt I havent got anywhere for a while. So I decided to try to do something about my productivity[...]

21/05-2009 @ 10:00

New ?Jump to? links in Google

Lately Google has announced a couple of new features, including these “Jump to” links, which I find very interesting. The differ a bit from the normal sitelinks we have seen so far, so I’ll try to describe what it is, why they can be useful, and why you should implement this on you[...]

05/10-2009 @ 18:08

Project Google Sniper ? Week #3 ? 10 sniper sites up

All right, time for a third update on my Google Sniper Project. I didn?t get as much done last week as I wanted, and I have another project I need to focus on for some time now, which means that I will not get as much time the next couple of weeks for creating new [...]

11/11-2009 @ 16:14

Project Google Sniper ? Week #2

As I announced last week, I will be making weekly posts with updates from my new Affiliate Marketing project – “The Google Sniper Experience”. Like I wrote last week, this project is very interesting and I still have quite high hopes for it. I used all of last week to try to focus [...]

02/11-2009 @ 18:41