About FeedOrganizer

Feedorganizer is a project originally started by Christian Jessen in 2009. The idea was to make a simple solution for recieving daily or weekly emails with the updates from a list of RSS feeds. Instead of checking a normal RSS Reader, one would be able to just read the daily email curating all the new items from the RSS feeds the person is following.

Project FeedOrganizer was discontinued before it reached the final development state. Only the fetching of feeds and listing was created, and has been active on FeedOrganizer since 2009. In the middle of 2011 the project was rewritten with the CakePHP framework instead of using the old Easy-Web CMS platform.

Today the project is still in Beta and is a free service to use. The project is more focused on listing and optimizing the feed content, but still offers curated daily and weeky emails for people still using RSS.

Any questions can be directed to Christian Jessen - find contact information here.